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The Montane Spine Race Daily Films 2020

Updated: Jul 28, 2021


With January comes the infamous Montane Spine Races, which always start off our year with a bang, so straight back into work covering the 2020 edition with a brief for in-depth stories and a same day quick turnaround edit. We shot through the day and then edited early evening to release a short 6 minute documentary each evening, bringing the stories of the athletes to viewers back at home.



Behind The Scenes

Hardest part? Finding signal to upload the daily videos before the 9pm deadline... It normally involved some kind of weird balancing act including laptop and mobile pointed towards the heavens in the hope of picking up a bar of 4g.

Best bit? 1. Digging out and reporting the athlete stories. 2. Working as part of a larger media team. Leading the team on was the unflappable Will Roberts at the centre of a web of content gatherers - he was normally knee deep in writing and distributing press releases, collating the images, films, and live videos, contacting external media sources and hunting down stories, as well as being the photographer and interviewer in Kirk Yetholm. Jimmy Hyland & Mick Kenyon were the talented photographers, and the live facebook vids were manned by Paul and Si, who would often be found streaming from a windy peak somewhere. And then us (Matt & I), doing the daily episode vids. As freelancers you rarely get the office-style colleague atmosphere on jobs, so when you get the opportunity to work with others it's always promises to be a welcome, chaotic, intense and hysterically funny week.

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