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summit fever media produces award winning adventure and environmental films, specialising in filming in challenging and remote environments.


we are content creators producing short, high impact promotional videos for brand marketing campaigns as well as in-depth shorts and feature length documentaries. 


our films and footage have been selected & used by mountain film festivals around the world.


our team has worked on productions for hnk, bbc, bbc wales, irun4ultra, itv, the one showchannel 4 and sky sports. we offer same day, professionally produced, quick turnaround, film production and release, ideal for endurance sports event coverage.

all weather filming • caa approved aerial filming • mountain fit film crew • same day turnaround editing • remote areas

Ellie Green


Documentary filmmaking and reporting is my passion.  I love all aspects of filming and story creating but if I had to choose one aspect of filmmaking I love the most it would be the challenge of the fast turnaround dynamic edits. I love the immediacy of reporting on and filming a story as it unfolds wherever in the world that might be, capturing the raw emotions and then bringing that story to the viewers within just a few hours.  Stressful, intense and very rewarding! 


summit fever media is an award winning adventure & environmental film production company 

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