Summit Fever Media produces award winning adventure and environmental films, specialising in remote location filming.  From creating high impact brand promotional films and in-depth feature length documentaries, to same-day-turnaround professional event and expedition daily highlight films.

We are able to help you achieve your marketing and content goals, whether it is storyboarding, sourcing presenters, recommending locations, providing camera operators and editors, or the whole production package.  Our aim is to be with you as long as you need us from pre-production planning, to post production marketing. 

We want to make sure you get the best possible results from your investment.



Matt & Ellie Green founded Summit Fever back in 2012 having worked within the outdoor sector for over 14 years. 

Matt specialises in drone filming, and as a running camera op, often found running and scrambling alongside athletes high in the mountains.   When back in the office he is responsible for most of the graphic & map work and the animation that goes into our films. 

Ellie is a running gun camera op, but her main expertise lies in the editing process, either working on feature length documentaries or in the intense, exciting environment of the adventure sport event world turning around short, story-focused video edits, often working to a same day deadline (and often all from the back of a car!).

Mark Bullock is the freelance social media co-ordinator, curator and content creator for Summit Fever Media, as well as working for numerous other brands in the outdoor world, he is responsible for all the SFM social media platforms, and the post production marketing of projects.  He is also a freelance writer and photographer, and Mountain and Rock Climbing instructor.

Freelance enquiries:

Summit Fever Media often hire freelance camera and drone operators for bigger projects, please get in touch if you would like more information.

Ellie Green


Documentary filmmaking and reporting is my passion.  I love all aspects of filming and story creating but if I had to choose one aspect of filmmaking I love the most it would be the challenge of the fast turnaround dynamic edits. I love the immediacy of reporting on and filming a story as it unfolds wherever in the world that might be, capturing the raw emotions and then bringing that story to the viewers within just a few hours.  Stressful, intense and very rewarding! 


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