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Tough Conversations : A behind the scenes conversation with Jenny Tough

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

‘Take that opportunity, they’ve passed you the megaphone and you can control the narrative a bit right now, and that is quite powerful.' - Jenny Tough Adventurer // Storyteller // Mountain Lover


I first met Jenny when we were both working on the Sidetracked project 'Untrailed', and I remember being more than just a little inspired by her, and whilst this may be fast becoming an overused word, when it comes to Jenny there isn't a more apt description than 'inspiring'. Not only is she a wonderful and good fun human being to work and hang out with, but her empowering outlook on life and her determination and ability to throw herself into whatever challenge faces her is truly galvanising.

I see Jenny as a role model, storyteller, adventurer and an instigator of change, so it was a rare privilege to catch up with Jenny via zoom for a Behind The Scenes conversation, where we meander over subjects that are near and dear.

I hope you find this interview as interesting as I did to work on and that it provides you with a welcome twenty minutes virtual escape back to the mountains and adventures that we are all eager to experience again once it is safe to do so. Ellie Green Summit Fever Media


“You start to understand the world around you because you've seen different ways of living. You know, the world is so colourful once you get out of doing things one certain way .” - Jenny Tough.

You can watch more of our work here.

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