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Introducing: Totally FKT

Updated: Jul 28, 2021


As one Pennine way FKT attempt ends, another begins! It’s back in the car for our small team of filmmakers as we head back up to Kirk Yetholm, where only a few days ago we saw the conclusion to John Kelly’s intense, and nail biting record breaking run, smashing the pre-existing record held by Mike Hartley for 31years.

This time we will be documenting the attempt of Damian Hall, Inov-8 athlete, and FKT holder of numerous British trails. Damian has been training for this attempt for the past four years, and with the ‘Covid window’, that has seen many elite athletes chasing solo records whilst the race calendar has currently been suspended, this is the ideal opportunity.

Follow our daily film updates, brought to you by Inov-8 and hosted on Runner’s World UK social media platforms, released each evening at 8pm.

We will be editing a documentary "Totally FKT" over the summer for release in November 2020. The film will delve into the stories surrounding the Pennine Way and the elusive FKT, interviewing past record holders, investigating the lure of this trail which held off a succession of attempts for 31 years, with an in-depth exploration into John Kelly’s record breaking run and Damian Hall’s forthcoming attempt.

To cover production costs we will be releasing this documentary for download PRE-ORDER, with the film expected release to be November 2020.

You can follow Damian’s progress via daily updates, released by Runners World UK on Facebook

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