Barkley Marathons Film 2019 - Last Women Standing

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In 2019, inov-8 ambassador and breast cancer survivor Nicky Spinks attempted to become the first-ever woman to complete The Barkley Marathons - the world's toughest ultra-running race. This film tells the story of Nicky, and her fellow female runners, as they battle treacherous terrain, wild weather and the twisted mind of Barkley Marathons organiser, Lazarus Lake.

Last Women Standing

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Runtime: 39 mins

"I was beginning to think I was becoming a bit of a liability. I was so near to the edge, shivering, that your brain stops working properly, so it’s hard. I couldn’t get any food out as my hands were so cold. "

Nicky Spinks talking to RedBull

Filming and publishing was only possible with the permission from the Barkley Race Director, Lazarus Lake.

#NickySpinks #BarkleyMarathons #RunningFilms #BarkleyMarathonFilms #freetoview #barkleymarathonsdocumentary

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