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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

You are desperate to be back in the hills, we are too, but for the moment the best we can do is plan for future adventures whilst staying safely contained at home - and to help you do that we've compiled a list, with the help of some friends, of some excellent adventure and outdoor content to fill your watch/read/view list.

This is nothing official, not a paid ad - just content we've found inspiring from some pretty good folk in the outdoors.

Be transported and run across mountain ranges with Jenny Tough, go wild swimming with Calum Maclean, adapt to your indoor lifestyle with Fi Outdoors, travel to remote pockets of the world with Sidetracked Magazine - and delve into plenty more stories here.


First up Sidetracked Magazine - we are huge fans of the work this team do, each magazine has a carefully curated collection of thought provoking stories from around the world with beautiful photography. They are currently offering a 50% discount of all their back issues until the 31st March with the discount code ADVENTUREAWAITS.


Fiona Outdoors is a multi award winning blogger and journalist, with a blog that is consistently placed in the list of top 10 UK outdoor blogs. A wonderfully cheerful and downright lovely human being and tornado of an adventurer, she tears through the mountains, notebook and camera in hand documenting some of the most beautiful, unusual, and challenging events, expeditions, and adventures out there. Her Fit Over 50 selection of posts refreshingly tackles taboo busting topics, writing about the menopause and her bid to feel stronger in her 50s, with articles to help both men and women. Fi is filled with unstinting enthusiasm for whatever challenge is thrown her way and it's hard not to be carried along with her on whichever adventure she embarks on (obviously whilst remaining in the armchair at home for the moment).

Her latest article is tips on how to cope with being stuck indoors during the lockdown:


Broadcast presenter, wild swimmer, forager, adventurer, filmmaker, photographer (the list goes on...) and he makes face achingly funny videos. He's creating a series of videos (one every day) from his house during the lockdown, featuring everything from lessons in Gaelic (he's fluent), to wild swimming lessons in the bath, to tutorials on how to take underwater photos. I guarantee you will smile.

Subscribe to his channel and follow his social media links to catch up on live videos and new content.


The chances are if you're a fan of adventure films then at some point you will have seen some of their work. They are a group of adventurers and filmmakers, documenting adventures from the Peak District, to Wadi Rum.

Shifting Sands part of their Pertex Elemental series is a dose of pure escapism (the cinematography is stunning, makes me want to pack my bags and head out there) and for a Saturday cinema-style 'night out'? Try Mirror Wall - a 40 minute, free-to-view, film festival selected, adrenaline fuelled climb-fest.


I think Wide Boyz was constantly on repeat in our household when it first came out, and for good reason, it's a witty, beautifully shot film which hands down captures an incredible feat of climbing, but what makes me come back to it time again is the way Hot Aches captures and portrays the relationship between the two protagonists; Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker. If you've not seen it, even if you don't like climbing, or the outdoors, this story is brilliant and inspiring, and a little bit emotional. Watch It. It's a personal favourite, and guarantees to cheer us up.

Gushing about Wide Boyz aside, Hot Aches are famous for their climbing films, you can check out their free to view content here:

Or sign up to their Patreon page and from 4$/month you can stream all their films.


If we want to know the latest news in the outdoors industry, this is the guy we turn to. You can find him reviewing the latest and most innovative gear, covering the newest events, watching the latest films and meeting and writing about adventurers pushing the edges in their chosen disciplines. Heading to his website is like going down the adventure themed rabbit hole, only emerging blinking into the daylight a couple of hours later wondering where the time has gone.

He also has a YouTube channel where you can drool over the latest gear whilst you plan your adventure for when we are all back in the hills.


When I first met Jenny I remember being caught up in her whirlwind of energy, before being left for dust as she strode off at an incredible pace up some munro or other, leaving me scarpering after her, camera bumping along on my back. Inspiring is an overused word most of the time (apart from that time I use it a few paragraphs ago..ahem), but when I think about what Jenny has achieved, faced, overcome and pushed herself through, it's probably an apt description of her. At the moment she is solo running over a mountain range in every continent (something that is on slight pause at the minute) but to be resumed as soon as possible I expect, filming her adventures and writing articles as she goes. Not only do her films transport you to some remote and spectacular landscapes but her films touch on the subject of solo travel for women, the fears, the questions, and the stereotypes she faces.


Documentary, adventure and endurance event filmmaker and photographer - we have had (and will have again!) the pleasure of working alongside

Steve on many of our jobs. His latest escapades saw him travelling to the Hardangervidda Plateau in Norway to film the Asnes Amundsen Expedition Race - a 100km backcountry ski race which retraces the ski-steps of Amundsen's attempted traverse in 1896.


And finally for now...(don't blame us, we did leave it until last!), a few from us from us:

WRATH (pay-per-view), one very close to our hearts, and one of the films we are most proud of. This was a project which was an adventure from start to finish for all involved. It was filled with uncertainties, unknowns, a lot of luck, and some very talented and determined athletes. Many thanks go to the stars of the show Damian Hall and Beth Pascall.

A Brief Scottish Escape (free-to-view), was a project for Sidetracked Magazine, in collaboration with Calum Maclean and Johny Cook. Our plans to head high into the mountains for this shoot were scuppered by the weather, as our ambitions of ridge-line drone spectaculars faded into the distance we stayed low and found an altogether different type of adventure - a bit slower, a bit more gentle but none the worse because of it.

Sometimes it's ok to slow down - something that we can remind ourselves of in the coming weeks and months.


That's all for now - hopefully this has given you some inspiration, there is so much excellent content out there from indie filmmakers, writers & photographers - now would be a really good time to check them out. We'll be sharing more as the weeks go on - if you want to recommend someone or something you've seen please let us know!

Summit Fever Media • Multi Award Winning Adventure, Expedition, Remote Area & Wilderness Film Production Specialists.

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