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🔴 🎥 📣 Calling all #IndieFilmFans and #IndieFilmmakers

The situation as we write this feels like we've awoken in some dystopian world out of a Black Mirror episode. Everyone we know has been affected in one way or another without exception. We want to bring together support for independent filmmakers and production companies around the world in these difficult times as many of us see work being understandably cancelled in the coming months.

One thing that has now become apparent to us is - help is not coming. We cannot sit and wait for assistance from the government. It is necessary for our survival to think how we can continue to work and earn money while COVID-19 continues to hold us all to ransom. Like us, many of the people we work with (and indeed for) are self-employed, there is no sick pay, no holiday pay and that was a choice we all made at the start of our business careers. Finding ways to adapt and earn is crucial.

Before we say how you can help the indie film industry - we would like to cast a light on all the other small industries who we work with during this time and are also being affected. Event organisers, caterers, mountain guides, film festivals and many more who contribute to the fantastic events held in the UK and indeed round the world. Please give them understanding and support them in any way you can, it is vital for their survival.

How can you help?

We're calling on all film fans to do two things to help out our industry.

1. CONSIDER pay-per-view/to rent indie films.

Like many indie filmmakers we offer free to view films but we also host a series of short to feature length films and documentaries in places like Vimeo. Every time someone buys or rents a film, a proportion of this fee goes to the filmmakers. Looking for inspiration? Check out the selections from film festivals like Kendal Mountain Festival, Montagne en Scène and London Mountain Film Festival.

2. SHARE, If you enjoyed a film - share it on social media and tell your friends!

One of the biggest challenges for indie filmmakers is telling people about our work, if you've watched a film before and like it - give it a share! Tell your mates on Whatsapp, write a review on your blog, spread the word on social media!

Don't be alone!

Calling indie filmmakers, and adventure documentary makers! We're solitary workers most of the time anyway, and even more so now so let's all get together (digitally that is!), our email is open and our phones are on and we like to chat. We can work together to share each others projects and films. If you're trying to sell a film online tag us in your posts and we'll help spread the word in any way we can. We can all do a little bit to give each other a boost.

While we continue to work out how we can produce content for our clients and create more indie shorts and films for you to enjoy we really appreciate your support through these tricky times.

From all the team here at Summit Fever Media, thank you #indiefilmfans !!


A selection of Summit Fever Media films on Vimeo

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