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the longest line

 15 mins | 2021 | English 

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The longest straight line between two tarmac roads.


In August 2021, Jenny Graham and Calum Maclean set out to walk the line, as defined by Ordnance Survey. Crossing the rugged Cairngorms National Park, they endeavour to keep to the line from start to finish, crossing all obstacles in their way.

UK & online premiere this November at Kendal Mountain Festival 2021.

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 Photo by Johny Cook 

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 Photo by Johny Cook 

ways to watch

Thank you to everyone that made it to Kendal Mountain Festival 2021 for the premiere in November.

General release is due March 2022, until then the film will be available to view at some film festivals and special online screenings.


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about the project

The Longest Line route was first detailed by Ordnance Survey.  It's the longest straight line in the UK that you can walk without crossing a road. At 71.5km it's unsurprisingly situated in Scotland. Crossing the Cairngorms, the line goes from 262540, 778255 on the A9 and ends at 328042, 806921 south of the hamlet of Corgarff.

The highest point of the Longest Line is on the summit of Beinn a' Bhuird at 1179m. Jenny & Calum set out on the 27th August 2021 to become the first to closely follow the line.


Straight line missions are not a new thing, adventurers like YouTuber Tom Davies (GeoWizard) have set out on straight line missions all around the world, challenging themselves to remain on the line and cross all obstacles on their route.

Summit Fever Media are documenting their progress along with expedition photographer Johny Cook.  Film and photos will be released soon.  The intention is to premiere the film at Kendal Mountain Festival 2021.

This project was made possible by Exped & Montane.

Supported by Ordnance Survey and the Royal Institute for Navigation.

Special thanks to Glenmore Lodge

meet the team
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Jenny Graham Portrait_Longest Line_210825.JPG
calum maclean
jenny graham

Outdoors broadcaster, midgie expert and adventure swimmer. “When I head out for adventures in the mountains, I know where I’ll start and finish - often the middle bit gets made up as I go! I’m most looking forward to experiencing new corners of the Cairngorms National Park, challenging myself with the straight-line mentality and getting to know Jenny better. As a native Gaelic speaker I think this can open up the landscape of Scotland in a deeper way - and hoping we manage a swim at some point..!”

Endurance loving, earth-hugging, fist pumping dirt bag ”These days I’m often found exploring on two wheels, mostly (although not always) on trails! I’m most looking forward to stripping adventure back to it’s purest form. No paths! No pre-formed routes! There’s not even very much equipment! Just two pals heading into the wilderness… following one really long straight line! Calum’s going to be great fun to hike with, I might even pick up some Gaelic

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"I've walked all over Scotland and the Alps and this tops them all"

The Guardian

in the press

“I can see it growing in popularity because of the simplicity of it, and the fact that technology can make it easier by using GPS or plotting a line on an OS map on your phone”

The Times

"We have both climbed all the mountains in the Cairngorms and know the area well, but this walk took us to places we would never have visited"

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