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The Longest Line

With Jenny Graham and Calum Maclean.
This project was made possible by the kind support and sponsorship of 
Exped & Montane.
All behind the scenes photos below are copyright Summit Fever Media

The Longest Line route was first detailed by Ordnance Survey.  It's the longest straight line in the UK that you can walk without crossing a road. At 71.5km it's unsurprisingly situated in Scotland.  
Crossing the Cairngorms, the line goes from 262540, 778255 on the A9 and ends at 328042, 806921 south of the hamlet of Corgarff.

The highest point of the Longest Line is on the summit of Beinn a' Bhuird at 1179m.
Jenny & Calum set out on the 27th August 2021 to become the first to closely follow the line.

Summit Fever Media are documenting their progress along with expedition photographer Johny Cook.  Film and photos will be released soon.  The intention is to premiere the film at Kendal Mountain Festival 2021.

This project was made possible by Exped & Montane.


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