totally fkt

52 mins | 2020 | English

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The record for the legendary Pennine Way has stood for 31 years.


This year, elite athletes John Kelly and Damian Hall both attempt to beat the Fastest Known Time. Achieving it is going to take everything they’ve got.

World Premiere hosted by Kendal Mountain Festival on 22nd November 2020.

film reviews

Chrissie Wellington

4 x World Ironman Champion

"Totally FKT provides a huge hour long, off the charts dose of grit, craziness and determination. Loved it!"

Dominic Holland

Stand-up Comedian

“I watched the film and laughed frequently at the incredulity of the whole thing...compelling and harrowing in equal measure. An unintentional horror movie.”

Clive Allen, Director

Kendal Mountain Festival

"An amazing film that gives us insight into the inner world of the mountain ultra runner"

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