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the montane spine race film

58 mins | 2015 | English

The Montane Spine Race, referred to as, "Britain's Most Brutal Race", covers the 268miles of The Pennine Way, and is held each year in the midst of winter.


This documentary follows the competitors who only have 7 days to complete the challenge.


Pushing their bodies and minds to the limits as they battle against sleep deprivation, extreme weather, exhaustion, & exposure.


"If anything is guaranteed to send a chill down your spine, this simply told account of the travails of the competitors aiming to finish the 268-mile race up the Pennine Way is it."

The Scientist Runs

"it was honest, raw, gritty and nail-biting at times"

Fell Running Guide

"It might inspire you to do the race or it make you say “never”.  Either way it gives a fascinating look at the men and women who plan, organise and compete in arguably Britain’s most brutal race."

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