åsnes expedition amundsen

Summit Fever Media teamed up with Steve Ashworth Media to document the 2020 ÅSNES EXPEDITION AMUNDSEN. The brief was to provide footage of the race for a short promotional film, edited by Steve Ashworth and to create short social media edits to be released during the race, edited by Summit Fever Media.

Filmed  by Summit Fever Media & Steve Ashworth Media // Promo film edited by Steve Ashworth Media // During race social media edits by Summit Fever Media // Media Team Leader - Kai Otto // Photographer - Kai Otto // 

"Expedition Amundsen is the modern day replica of the route across Hardangervidda Roald Amundsen never conquered.  100 kilometers of exhausting toil, complete with 45 kg sleighs, draws 200 hand picked competitors every year   –   all kinds, from ultra athletes and green clad military types to the smiling 70-year-old from Holland.   According to Roald Amundsen himself, the trek across Hardangervidda was as tough and dangerous as anything he later encountered in polar regions.  In 2013 a raging storm held all competitors weather-fast for 37 hours.  The storm was so ferocious that even the Red Cross would not undertake rescue missions.  Consequently participants are compelled to carry  necessary gear and food for a week’s self-survival." 


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