A short educational film on the benefits of planting trees in pastures and landscapes, and the need for tree cage protection.  Featuring sites planted and regenerated by the Woodland Trust, including Lowther Castle, Cannerheugh Farm, & Mallerstang Common. 

Filmed and produced by Summit Fever Media // Presented by Pete Leeson

During 2016 and 2017, 74 acres of arable and grassland at Home Farm was transformed into new native woodland. Much of this was achieved using the innovative process of deep soil ploughing - inverting the topsoil, followed by sowing wildflowers amongst the newly planted trees. We followed Alwyn's progress right from the very beginning in 2016 when the land was still arable, we went back to film in 2017 when the first flowers were beginning to bloom, and then once again in 2018 when the flowers and trees were well established.

Filmed and produced by Summit Fever Media // For The Woodland Trust

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