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what we do

Summit Fever Media is a leading adventure film and content creation production company.  We produce award winning narrative focused adventure and environmental film content, specialising in remote location filming. 

From creating high impact brand films, social media adverts, series and feature length documentaries, to same-day-turnaround expedition daily highlight films.

We are able to help you achieve your marketing and content goals, whether it is filming, photography, editing, storyboarding, sourcing presenters, casting, recommending locations, providing camera operators, or the whole production package. 
Our aim is to be with you as long as you need us from pre-production planning, to post production marketing. 

We want to make sure you get the best possible results from your investment.

Jenny Tough • Summit Fever Media

who we are

Matt & Ellie Green founded Summit Fever Media in 2012 and have since built up a reputation for capturing raw and emotional narratives of human perseverance and extreme endeavours in wild and inhospitable locations and on remote expeditions.  Our films have been selected for screening, have won awards at film festivals around the world, and have been sold for worldwide broadcast .

the core team​
The Summit Fever Media team is small, self sufficient and efficient, and has built up a range of skill sets from working in the most inhospitable environments around the world.  All our camera operators are experienced at working in remote &
mountainous conditions in all weather conditions.  
Unless there is a specific request, all camera operators come with their own equipment.
We pride ourselves on listening, leading, working hard, minimising fuss and delivering to deadline.


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