a brief scottish escape

Calum Maclean has 24 hours to escape the city and have an adventure in the Scottish highlands. 

Commissioned by Sidetracked Magazine in 2019.

Filmed  by Summit Fever Media // Photography Johny Cook // Presented by Sidetracked in partnership with Keen // feat. Calum Maclean // words by Calum Maclean

"I walk back through the woods with soft eyes. An Australian bushman once told me that to see wildlife, ‘you must have soft eyes, like a detective.’ He described this as being able to see your feet, whilst also looking in front of you – being aware of your peripheral vision. As I stop for a second, directly in front of me is an unmistakeable shape. The bushy tail, the small body – I’ve found my squirrel. After contemplating me, it quickly heads up the tree, the only evidence of it now the gentle swaying of high branches as it hops between the tops." 

Calum Maclean in Sidetracked Magazine

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